Between Rio de Janeiro and Montreal, August 12th, 2016 – The ArtsGames established its international presence and showcased its experience in producing arts and entertainment events at Olympic Games for 20 years, by staging a memorable performance yesterday in Rio, proof that arts and sports are two areas that fit together perfectly, as vehicles of peace, cross-cultural understanding and excellence.


Just a few kilometers away from the Olympic Village, music, arts and sports enthusiasts got to see a performance rich in emotion in the very heart of the Rio Media Center (RMC). It was also a great opportunity for the internationally renowned commissioners representing high-caliber artistic federations from around the world, such as the International Jazz Festival Organization (IJFO), the World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC), the International Dance Organization (IDO) and the newly formed ArtsGames International Drumming Federation, to be introduced to the press.


Brazil as a start line!

Rio de Janeiro was the obvious choice for launching the ArtsGames on an international scale because it was founded by Olympian Sylvia Sweeney, Olympian executives and supporters. It is also set up using the same model as the International Olympic Committee. To celebrate culture, artists working in various disciplines delivered a highly colorful performance that included the world renowned percussionist Sheila E., Oliver Jones’ trio, Queen Ka, Florence K, Alex DePue, Miguel De Hoyos, as well as the young prodigy Daniel Clarke Bouchard.


The ArtsGames in 5 points:

  • The objective of the ArtsGames is to cast a net around the world’s greatest artists and entertainers who wish to elevate their nation to the highest step of the podium;
  • The first nation vs nation, multidisciplinary medaled arts competition;
  • For the first edition, five art forms representing 33 disciplines will be presented in dance, music, media arts, visual arts and literature;
  • Qualifying rounds for select categories will start with online auditions in fall 2016. The 2017 ArtsGames Auditions are the final qualifying rounds for all categories, and the winners will advance to the 2018 ArtsGames;
  • ArtsGames competitions will be held every two years in bid-winning cities throughout the world;



“Formalizing the ArtsGames with the international community during the Olympic Games is an exceptional opportunity to demonstrate the excellence that exists in all cultures. We wanted the world to see how excellence can change perceptions by providing this ArtsGames experience during a unique performance. I feel that we can say: mission accomplished! We brought together arts and games to create one word, one world: The ArtsGames!”

Sylvia Sweeney, Olympian, President and founder of the ArtsGames


“The ArtsGames is an aggregator of already existing arts competitions, a kind of orchestral conductor coordinating talent from all corners of the world, including our own! We’re proud of the fact that we bring together the most gifted artists to celebrate their excellence by having them compete with each other in the highest-caliber competitions.”

Asa Boxer, Director of the ArtsGames Commissions


“This international launch lays the groundwork for the first multidisciplinary medaled arts competitions. Montreal is very proud to welcome thousands of artists for 10 days of world class competitions. For Montreal, recognized internationally for its festivals, its designation as a UNESCO City of Design, its culinary arts and its many tourist attractions, this is an unparalleled opportunity to welcome the biggest assortment of talents on a stage that transcends all barriers.”

Manon Gauthier, Executive committee member for the city of Montréal, Responsible for culture, heritage, design, tourism, Space for Life and the status of women



About the ArtsGames:

Structured and using the same model as the IOC and its International Sports Federations, the ArtsGames has built a global platform gathering more than 1000 arts competitions. Held every two years, the ArtsGames provides opportunities for artists in five art forms that include dance, media arts, visual arts, literature and music, to represent their countries in this international medaled competition. The ArtsGames’ head office is based in Montreal, which will be the Host City for the inaugural ArtsGames in 2018. For more information, please visit


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