Is your City on the short list to become an ArtsGames Host City?

The ArtsGames is being hosted by the City of Montreal, from October 26 to November 2nd, 2018. Montreal is a city which embraces the arts. It prides itself in innovation and this is evident in its creative sector’s dominance at some of Canada most prestigious annual awards. It was the logical choice to develop and launch the inaugural ArtsGames.


What do we look for in our Host City?

An ArtsGames city moves to a special rhythm fueled by its constant commitment to celebrating its culture through festivals, concerts, museums, art galleries, street art, fairs and celebrates the powerful impact which arts and entertainment have in our daily lives. We look for true partnerships in which long lasting benefits to the City promote the enduring attributes of a variety of cultures working together towards a unified objective.


What benefits are enjoyed by ArtsGames Host Cities?

The Tourism statistics and immediate boost to the economy are obvious short-term benefits attributed to any event however, the ArtsGames is about sustainable legacy. On a case by case basis we will analyze the needs of the City and provide the selected City with ongoing benefits in the form of employment in designated federations and in some cases with the International ArtsGames Committee, annual conferences, artists focused programs and an opportunity to join a global movement which uses the arts to impact positive changes in perceptions.


Future candidates

The 2020 ArtsGames is now being reviewed by other Cities who recognize the value of bringing the world together, while keeping infrastructure costs in check. Most international multidisciplinary sporting events come at a price which is quickly growing out of reach for most municipalities as billions of dollars are spent on requirements to stage a two week event. The ArtsGames uses existing venues, hire and train local constituents to provide world class arts and entertainment competitions. They also leave a legacy to Cities which in some cases include permanent establishment of International ArtsGames Federations. These Federations can become the ongoing lightening rod for its artistic disciplines.


Host Cities are the key to the success of the ArtsGames and the ArtsGames endeavors to be a platform upon which the world can gravitate towards celebrating the best in one another.