Launching the first multidisciplinary nation vs nation medaled arts competitions; the ArtsGames’ objective is to aggregate the top arts competitions in the world. It will provide a global platform upon which the world’s greatest artists and entertainers will attempt to elevate their nations to the highest step on the podium in five different art forms: dance, media arts, visual arts, literature and music. Montreal will be the host city of the inaugural 2018 ArtsGames.

To learn more about this unique cultural event, you can watch the video of the press conference via this link:  

If you were unable to attend this morning, join the ArtsGames’ team tonight at 8 pm (Rio time) for a memorable showcase taking place at the RMC. It is also possible to watch it live via this link :  

The performing artists are available for interviews and will rehearse this afternoon at 3pm (Rio time) at the Rio Media Center (photo op opportunity):

  • Alex DePue (violin)
  • Florence K (singer and musician)
  • Oliver Jones’ trio (piano)
  • Miguel De Hoyos (guitar)
  • Queen Ka (slam)
  • Sheila E (percussionist)
  • Daniel Clarke Bouchard (pianist)

Founder and president of the ArtsGames, Olympian Sylvia Sweeney is also available.

All the speakers who were attending this morning’s press conference are also available for interviews:

  • Peter Howlett, Chairman and CEO of the International ArtsGames Committee
  • Manon Gauthier, Executive committee member, In charge of culture, heritage, design, Space for Life and the status of women for the city of Montreal and representing Mayor Denis Coderre
  • Asa Boxer, Director of the ArtsGames Commissions
  • Michael Wendt, President of the International Dance Organization (IDO)
  • Fritz Thom, President of the International Jazz Festival Organization (IJFO)
  • Benjamin Woodroofe, Secretary General of the World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC)
  • Bowie Sonnie Bowei, Executive Director International ArtsGames Drumming federation (IADF)
  • Jeff Adams, Executive director of the ArtsGames Foundation

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