ArtsGames Federation Selection Process

The ArtsGames is currently selecting qualified competitions that will serve as quarterfinal rounds, as well as establishing organizations that will be selected as ArtsGames Federations. Additional competitions and Arts Federations will soon be posted on the website.


World ArtsGames: PreliminaryRounds

Annual competitions are already staged internationally in the five disciplines of the ArtsGames. Adjudicators at large, along with ArtsGames Federations, are sanctioning these competitions as the Quarterfinal Rounds of the ArtsGames.

Criteria for Quarterfinals are to be found on our respective federations’ websites. Links to these websites will be added as they are finalized.


THE AUDITIONS: ArtsGames’ Final Qualifying Rounds

The final qualifying rounds for the 2018 ArtsGames are being held several months prior to the 2018 ArtsGames. The following cities are under consideration to host various disciplines: Detroit,Markham, Montreal, Toronto and Windsor.

These qualifying auditions will be broadcast around the world as competitors strive for an opportunity to compete for their first gold, silver and bronze medals of the 21st century at the inaugural 2018 ArtsGames.