For each category, a maximum of 20 competitors will be admitted to the qualifying rounds (i.e. no more than 20 piano players will compete in the keyboard event). Each qualifying category is linked to one of seven ArtsGames regions. ArtsGames will work with existing competitions and organizations to find the best vocalists and instrumentalists for each qualifying category. Existing competitions and groups will select their first, second and third place winners to the qualifying rounds ArtsGames competitions in 2015.



The ArtsGames will have a pool of recognized and well-respected artists from around the world who have an interest in mentoring and working with young performers, who are themselves professionals, and are proficient in their art. For example, we intend to have a Maestro like B. B. King work with a young guitarist and singer from Brazil. They would then collaborate and introduce a hybrid of blues and bossa nova. Similarly, an erhu instrumentalist from China can collaborate with an oud player from the Middle East and work together to create new hybrids of interesting artistic performances.



The jazz category will accept competitors from up to 196 countries. Competitors will compete in different categories as soloists and vocalists as well as part of an ensemble. The judges will come from a pool of well-known jazz musicians from around the world.



There will be four components to the pop category: Instrumental Ensemble, and Song Writer, Vocal Solo and Vocal A Cappella. Songwriters from around the globe will submit songs to a panel of judges. The judges will then pick the songs that will be submitted to the competitors for their performances at the qualifying rounds. The judges will be made up of publishers who have had success in placing and choosing hit songs, as well as established songwriters who have had success in writing songs for well-known artists from the different ArtsGames regions. The best songs will be chosen to be performed by the finalists of the qualifying rounds.


  • The Classics

  • European (Piano & Vocal)
  • South Asian (Sitar)
  • Middle Eastern (Oud)
  • Asian (Pipa)
  • African (Djembe Drum)
  • Latino (Flamenco Guitar)

  • Cross-Culture

  • Maestro and Understudy

  • Jazz

  • Piano
  • Vocal
  • Ensemble

  • Popular

  • Vocal Solo
  • Vocal A Cappella
  • Instrumental Ensemble
  • Song Writer