Today, few remember that Arts competitions were part of the Olympiads through 1948, but then eliminated to maintain the Games’ amateur status.

A dedicated nucleus of Olympians, Artists, Educators, Patrons and Professionals have been preparing for nearly 20 years to enable artists to once again compete on a global stage.

Immediately preceding the 2018 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies, the ArtsGames will introduce the world to the greatest talent in these five art forms:



The road to the ArtsGames began with a request from Oscar Peterson to his niece, Producer and Olympian Sylvia Sweeney, to stage an event that would bring cultures together. Ms. Sweeney has honored her uncle’s request staging artistic and musical events around the globe, and in concert with several Olympiads, culminating with her role as Founder and President of the ArtsGames.



The ArtsGames was created to provide a global platform to:
“Demonstrate the excellence which exists in all cultures.”