1992-INKO-OscarThe road to the ArtsGames began nearly 20 years ago when Sylvia Sweeney made a promise to her uncle, the legendary jazz pianist, Oscar Peterson, to create events that would bring cultures together. After numerous events produced in Canada, Sylvia returned to her Olympian roots, staging events at the 1996 Atlanta, 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing Olympiads. Over the years, she received guidance from members of the Olympic Committee who assisted Miss Sweeney and her team to develop this independent global competition. The ArtsGames demonstrates the excellence which exists in all cultures by staging these accessible competitions in five art forms. Selected competitors will each represent their nation and will be challenged to emulate the great artists  before them who dedicated their craft to the betterment of humanity.


To provide a global platform to demonstrate the excellence that exists in all cultures.


The ArtsGames operates through two major groups: the International ArtsGames Committee™ Inc. (IAC) and its subsidiary, ArtsGames I Ltd. The International ArtsGames Committee (IAC), the ArtsGames parent company, is comprised of Olympians, business executives, artists, government officials, educators, marketing and broadcast professionals.



Sylvia Sweeney

Founder & President

Chairman & CEO



Sol Roter

Finance – Liquid Capital Corporation


Garry Kallos

Olympian/ Olympic Advisor


Khephra Burns

Senior Producer


Deborah Soucek

VP Marketing

Hugues de Roussan

Director of Communications


Bruce Bradley

Bruce Bradley

Digital & Social Media

“Art or Music kicks in every time words fail. Haven’t we all told our special someone how we feel through a song or art?”

Krystin DAgostinos ArtsGames

Krystin D’Agostino

In-house Counsel

“I believe there is nothing more beautiful than the Arts… nothing can bring you closer to the soul than this. So to be part of building something that not only celebrates the excellence present in the Arts today, but also brings people and cultures together, is an experience I will be forever grateful for.”

Patricia Ky

Social Media Officer

“The ArtsGames can help us overcome our differences. As Paulo Coelho once said, ‘Culture makes people understand each other better’.”

Kathleen Doody

Kathleen Doody

Media Management & Design

“It is exciting to be part of this cross-cultural exchange of creativity!”

Jacek Kochan

Jacek Kochan

Musical Director

“Game of … Arts. My game “is” arts, so ArtsGames is the best place to be and I’m happy and privileged to be in.”

Gordon McFarlane

Gordon McFarlane

Executive- Productions, ArtsGames I, Ltd.

“I look forward to shining a light on parts of the art world that we rarely see. The Music, the Art and the People… that is why I am excited to be a part of the ArtsGames.”

Seth Mandel

Seth Mandel

Sales Assistant

Jeffrey Neiman

Jeffrey Neiman

Director of Sales

“What attracted me to the ArtsGames was the potential to help find the greatest talent in the world from a multitude of disciplines. What a tremendous gift to give to the world.”

Celine Peterson

Celine Peterson

Commissions Manager

“I believe there is nothing greater than artists being given the platform to showcase how they have excelled in their field. The ArtsGames has given artists around the globe just that!”

Celine Peterson

Gayle Pinheiro


Dave Rogers

Dave Rodgers

Research & Development

“The ArtsGames gives a chance for the world to celebrate all our cultures! I am proud to be part of it.”

Lari Teras

Lari Teras

Executive Coordinator

“I have always wanted to be part of something big and ArtsGames is not just big, it’s historical!”

Vikie Painparé